IAA's onboarding process provides personalized and efficient support to new advisors, staff members, or existing employees making a career change. Our Onboarding team's commitment to customized support and efficiency ensures a successful and seamless transition for you and your team.
Personalized Transition Plans

We understand that every advisor’s situation is different. Our team creates detailed and personalized transition plans to ensure all of your needs are met.

Streamlined Repapering Process

We understand that your livelihood depends on the movement of assets and we take this responsibility seriously. Our process is streamlined to efficiently repaper accounts.

Weekly Agenda & Action Items

When transitioning to IAA, you won’t be left guessing what steps to take next. Our onboarding team provides complete guidance and actionable items throughout the transition process.

Clear Beginning & End Points

Our onboarding team establishes clear beginning and end points to ensure a smooth transition and allows you to feel confident on your live date.

Your Path to a Seamless Transition




Intro to Onboarding


Intake Interview


Weekly Call Series


Customized Training


Live Date Check-In

Resources to Support Your Transition

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A team that has your back.

Tina VonCanon
Tina VonCanon
Director of Transitions