Improve Your Practice

The Business Consulting department at IAA was designed to provide our advisor practices a direct point-of-contact to walk alongside them as they seek to improve their practice and navigate being an independent business owner. We are dedicated to enhancing our partners’ businesses and will work in tandem to set and achieve short- and long-term goals.

We will partner with you to uncover opportunities for growth and improvement within your practice through data gathering, information analysis, recommendations and implementation, and ongoing progress tracking and accountability.

Collaboration & Engagement

We will create many different opportunities for growth through fostering collaboration within the IAA network through information sharing via social forums, peer-to-peer small groups, sponsored events, and conferences and webinars.

Adding Capacity

We help you navigate the complexities of adding a junior advisor by assisting with determining the best timeline to add capacity, figuring out compensation and costs, transitioning and onboarding process, and client engagement and practice structure once live.

Relationship Management

We streamline your communication with IAA, LPL, and other outside partners by providing you with direct points of contact to help navigate issues, advocates to ensure your voice is being heard, partners to brainstorm ideas for growth and resources for every facet of your business.