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Whether you are transitioning from an outside firm or converting from another LPL-affiliated hybrid firm, our dedicated Onboarding Manager will see you through the entire process from start to finish. IAA offers hands-on support, guidance and mentoring to transition your business quickly and smoothly. Our goal is to make the process transparent to your clients, eliminate downtime, and ensure that you and your staff become familiar and comfortable with our personnel, procedures and resources. Every step of the way, a member of our team will be there to guide you.


As part of your transition or conversion, IAA’s in-house repapering team will assist you with repapering. Under the guidance of our Onboarding Manager, a client data spreadsheet is completed by your team. After your live date, this information is used by IAA to produce new account paperwork, IAA advisory agreements and in some cases, to open the accounts. Paperwork is then sent to the advisor office, directly to the clients and/or forms are prepped for E-Signature. Repapering is given high priority as we understand the importance of moving your clients over quickly.


Whether you are transitioning, converting or joining an existing office, we complete a comprehensive onboarding process. An Intake Interview is completed to gather personal and business data from you. The data collected is then used to prepare IAA and LPL-required, onboarding paperwork. The onboarding process and forms are reviewed with you prior to completion. Alliance Series Calls may then be scheduled to introduce you to the IAA team members, departments and processes. Correspondence will also be sent further explaining IAA communications, systems access, and required compliance tasks/training.


IAA helps ease your operational burden by assisting advisors in all areas of regulatory compliance. Our team of Series 24 LPL Registered staff members will ensure that your practice is compliant. Services include but are not limited to: trade blotter/email/correspondence review, annuity/alternative investment/new account review, monthly best practices webinar, ADV maintenance and update, maintaining and monitoring of advisory licenses/books and records, audit preparation, OBA review and approval, compliance vulnerability and risk identification and evaluation of compliance issues/concerns. Compliance files are processed electronically and are uploaded to LPL on your behalf.


At IAA, we stress the importance of utilizing current technologies to remain relevant and to increase efficiency. For this reason, we offer and encourage the use of ClientWorks, Orion, Money Guide Pro, Riskalyze, eMoney, Redtail, Salesforce and more. IAA and/or LPL have secured vendor affinity discounts for many of these programs. Our Advisor Service Team is available to conduct in-house or remote technology training to ensure that advisor teams are getting the most out of these programs. IAA training is also now available on the LPL Resource Center.


As an IAA advisor, you have exclusive access to a broad range of services. Whether you are seeking technology training, networking opportunities, best practices coaching, advisor placement services, DBA establishment and marketing, service request resolution or even a virtual admin, IAA is here to assist you. We have the internal resources, practice management experience and passion for service to help you take your practice to the next level.


Similar to LPL Financial, IAA processes advisor compensation monthly using a method of ‘smoothing’. A comprehensive reporting system with on-demand access and easy-to-interpret data is utilized. Rather than being ‘smoothed’, outside assets receive a 100% payout.


New in 2018, IAA is offering business consulting and relationship management services to advisor teams. Services include but are not limited to complex issue resolution, best practices coaching, human capital and staff development, strategic, practice management and succession planning, accountability, advocacy, and initiative development.


Within the IAA community, there are subject matter experts that you may consult with, partner with and/or provide referrals to as an internal resource. Specialized areas include 401k plans, estate planning, insurance cases, annuity business, tax planning, financial planning, and human resources. *Independent Advisor Alliance and LPL Financial do not provide tax advice or services.


If you have the tasks but not the time, IAA can help you. Using our 'Virtual Ops' Program, part-time administrative assistance may be contracted for the completion of tasks involving marketing, event planning, mailings, CRM clean-up, account opening, client service and scheduling, social media, special projects and more. Sign-up is simple with the use of an on-line interest form.


New in 2018, advisors may outsource HR services to IAA. As a W-2 employee of IAA, your support staff members will be eligible for a benefits package to include group health.


IAA understands the importance of a solid exit strategy to ensure the continued success of your practice and exceptional service to your clients. Our business continuity plan is designed to protect you and your family, as well as provide ease-of-mind to your clients.


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