The IAA Team


The IAA Team

Since 2013, the Independent Advisor Alliance staff has provided unparalleled service to our advisor community. As advisors join, IAA continually adds to its professional team to maintain high service standards. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff recognizes the hard work that you do and we are truly dedicated to your success.

Robert Russo

Chief Executive Officer

Jessica Sexton

Chief Compliance Officer

Chris Zaccarelli, CFA

Chief Investment Officer

Steve Gensler, MBA, MBSA, CFP®

Chief Innovation Officer

Kenny Hall

Chief Experience Officer

Michael Gordon

Chief Business
Development Officer

Jeff Pitt

Business Consultant

Jordan O'Donnell

Regional Director,
Business Development

Andy Hoffman

Regional Director,
Business Development

Tina VonCanon

Onboarding Manager

Holly Curtis

Director of Training & Advocacy

Brittnie Troutman

Business Development Officer

Sean Brennan

Director of Marketing and Branding

Kyle Campbell

Director of Mergers of Acquisitions

Diamond Pollard

Communications Manager

T.J. Faber, CFP®

Strategic Solutions Analyst

Debbie Re

Investment Operations Analyst

Jen Davis

Compliance Analyst

Chris Fallin

Compliance Analyst

Dante Williams

Advisor Service Associate

Pat Russo

Compliance Associate

Nicole Gilewicz

Compliance Associate

Dana Ryan

Media Relations

Allison Bujorian

Marketing Coordinator

About IAA

In 2013, Robert Russo established IAA to help advisors harness the synergy that drives practice growth through shared resources, collective intelligence, lower expenses and access to business consulting resources.

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