Gabby Mason_2022

Gabby Mason, Digital Marketing Coordinator, has been with IAA since December 2021. Her day-to-day responsibilities include supporting the marketing manager in IAA’s marketing efforts by implementing the social media strategy and distributing email newsletters.

As a part of the Creative Capital team, Gabby works with advisors by designing marketing materials, including one-pagers, stationery, and brochures. She collaborates with the marketing team to develop marketing plans and social media strategies.

Gabby holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing from Coastal Carolina University. Prior to joining IAA, she held positions as a website and brand designer, marketing specialist, and a social media strategist.

A native of Pennsville, NJ, Gabby has lived in Charlotte since February 2020 where she resides with her fiancé and their dog. When not at IAA, she bartends at Skiptown, a dog bar in Charlotte. She also enjoys spending time with friends, traveling, reading, and discovering new restaurants in Charlotte.