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Allison Bujorian, Marketing Manager, has been with IAA since October 2020. She oversees all marketing efforts at IAA, including the Creative Capital program. Her day-to-day responsibilities include creating and implementing the marketing strategy for IAA, overseeing IAA’s social media efforts, ensuring all IAA emails, documents, and websites have consistent branding. She also provides guidance and direction to advisors looking to expand their marketing efforts.

As a part of the Creative Capital team, Allison oversees the advisor brand buildouts, including logo and stationery design, brand fonts & color selection, and company story & target market development. In addition to her work with Creative Capital, Allison assists in the production of all IAA videos and serves as staff photographer. Allison also serves on the Engage Conference planning committee.

Allison holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing from Anderson University. Prior to joining IAA, she has held marketing roles in real estate and a direct-to-consumer startup.

Raised in Akron, OH, Allison now resides in Charlotte, NC with her two cats, Leonard and Winston. Outside of the office, Allison enjoys traveling, reading, and going to concerts.